VIDEO: How to use a leaf chain wear scale

Posted on 2019-05-28 06:21:26

Understand Chain Stretch

This can be caused by a combination of chain wear and overload. This (overload) can show up as elongation of plates which do not pass over the rollers. If there is any significant (1%) elongation in the area which does not pass over the rollers, replace the entire length of both chains. Cracked chain plates and enlarged holes can also result from chain stretch. The entire length of both chains must be replaced if either of these conditions are found.

Notes regarding lift chain:

  • Inspect and clean lift chain during regular 500hr maintenance interval
  • Do not piece new chain sections to old ones. It lowers the overall chain strength and integrity.
  • Replace BOTH sides at the same time, even if only one side is out of spec.
  • READ: Modes of Chain Failure – To Learn About Symptoms, Causes, and Corrective Action

Leaf Chain Wear Scale - Taylor

For more detailed information on care, maintenance, and lubrication of the lift chain for your Taylor truck, please contact your Taylor representative to obtain the proper maintenance manual for your Taylor lift truck.

VIDEO: How to use a Leaf Chain Wear Scale

Knowing how to check your lift truck leaf chains for wear is an important element of proper maintenance and safety. This video highlights the procedure for using a Leaf Chain Wear Scale to determine leaf chain integrity.


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